OOn-line calculator– Here you can best play and understand how your Performance in W, CdA, and Speed ​​works.

It makes sense?
So far only Watts, then Watts / kg. Why does it make sense to solve CdA? It’s simple – CdA determines the efficiency of how you can “rewind” your Watts to speed.

CdA – Aerodynamic drag is air resistance atttributed to an object. It is a product of an objects drag coefficient (Cd) or “slipperyness” and it’s size, criticaly it’s frontal area (A). Hence the scientific measurent of aerodynamic drag and the input required by a cycling power model is Cd x A written as CdA..

CdALower CdA is always better = faster. CdA tells you how effectively you can convert your power (W performance) to speed. With Notio Konect able to measure your CdA online, you can even see your value on your Garmin 🙂 We do not need a velodrome, we have prepared test locations around Prague and you do not need to stress that you can not ride a velodrome.

A small footnote, not every athlete is able to achieve very low W / CdA values. It depends on many factors such as mobility and height, for example. This problem was solved by Froome – it’s just too high 🙂 But we really talk about extreme values ​​around 0.2 CdA … 

Tony Martin at times of his greatest glory can achieve values ​​of around 2000 W / CdA !!! Approximate calculation (481w / 0.23 CdA = 2081) This is a crazy number 🙂 For more information, visit: https://www.cyclingpowerlab.com/OlympicTimeTrial.aspx

I am a hobby athlete – Is it for me? – The reality is usually that the more “hobby the rider you are,” the greater the effect you are able to achieve.  But hand on your heart – mainly still effective training … If you do not have your coach yet, we would be glad to recommend someone in your neighborhood.

I’m Profi / Semi-Profi – It’s really a second for you, and if not for a second, for a minute :-). Perhaps the question is how much we can save? The answer is not easy, but we do not want to avoid it. In fact, we can talk about professional racers about. 5-8 min / 180 km (Ironman). Was it worth it anymore?

Price – There is only one similar Garmin system, their prices are higher, and you are supposed to test the velodrome, which may not suit everyone. Prices are final – for individuals. For groups of more than 5 people, please contacts us.

I have no idea about CdA options, ranges of values, what are the best results, what to do and what not to do,
Yes, you have the right questions, we also had at the beginning 🙂

Equipment that makes sense

  • TT or Ironman bike
  • Aero whels
  • Disc
  • Are helmet
  • Skinsuit
  • Drink system
  • + your position on bikes

Typical CdA  values:
Elite Track TimeTrial 0,170 – 0,200 m2
Elite TimeTrial biket 0,200 – 0,250
Ironman elite 0,22-0,25
Hobby Ironman – 0,29 – 0,40

What does Wikipedia say?